What I Ate Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday!!!
I’m back with a little #wiaw from Monday.

Breakfast was some yogurt, banana, almonds, and cereal I bought on sale this week! I accidentally bought vanilla yogurt instead of plain which is a bummer. I absolutely hate wasting food so I’m going to eat it, I’m sure an extra 18 grams of sugar a day this week won’t kill me.


I packed a big chef salad for lunch. How pretty are those hard boiled eggs?!


The eggs are from a friends farm in Coventry, Grafted Vines Farm! Sam and her husband Dave run a NOFA Pledged farm (organic standards) in the Eastern part of CT. They also just had the most adorable little girl 🙂

They run a CSA so check out their blog if you are interested!!

I also packed some brown rice cakes, mashed sweet potato, Apple, and cheese.
I ended up eating everything except the cheese.


Rice cakes were a pre workout snack, apple was eaten with lunch, and I had the sweet potato around 4.

Dinner at 7:30 was whole wheat pasta, Swiss chard, onions, tomatoes, and Parmesan.


Oh, and wine….


Around 9:30 I smacked on some organic kashi Cheerios. They are SO yummy. I’ve been craving cold cereal lately so when I saw it on sale this weekend I stocked up.


That’s it for this WIAW! What’d you have today???

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Meal Plan/Prep Monday

Happy Monday! Long time no see right??

I have my weekly meal plan and preparation post for you today. 

Meal plan

I’m sure you can see that dinners look a little different than they used to! With Ryan working pretty far away during the week I am on my own for dinner Monday-Thursday… don’t worry, I make him food ahead of time to bring with him for dinners so I’m not letting him starve or anything!!

On the plus side dinners are quick, easy, and freaking delicious. I’m not a huge meat eater, I definitely don’t identify as vegetarian but there are stretches of time where I can go for weeks without having a serving of meat. I just don’t crave it or enjoy it all that much. Ryan on the other hand would love a steak for dinner every night, so I’ve been enjoying a lot of vegetarian fare lately.

I spent $61 at the grocery store thanks to $2.75 off of the cat food I bought and a $10 store coupon. You know your life is PRETTY boring when you get wicked excited about saving $10 or no good reason. Seriously, for the last two weeks at the checkout I’ve gotten a “Save $10 when you spend $50” coupon at the store. So for two weeks in a row I’ve saved $10 just because. Its awesome. If you know me in real life you know that I am a cheap penny pinching freak so $10 off of groceries is huge to me. I manage my monthly budget so close to the wire that an extra $10 means I can really go crazy.


Can you tell I’m getting a little kooky living by myself for 5/7 days of the week? Please, someone give me some human interaction…


Prep work was really minimal this week. I washed/chopped lettuce for a bunch of salads. The three right up front are for my lunches for the next few days, each morning I add a little something more like hard boiled eggs, turkey, tomatoes, whatever I’m really feeling like. I made Ryan three salads to bring with him for dinner/lunches. One of those has some leftover chicken in a baggy to make it more of a meal than a side. 


In addition to the one “meal” salad above I made Ryan’s favorite- perogies and kielbasa for him to have for two other nights. For the 4th night he will just eat out or have a sandwich in the hotel. 

I also get him lunch meat, bread, and cheese so he can make his own lunch each day. If any of you have good re-heatable hotel meals PLEASE let me know! Ryan is gone 4 nights a week and I’m pretty sure he is getting sick of spaghetti & meatballs and green salad. 

See you Wednesday 🙂 


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The Easiest Budget Meal EVER

Ok, it is one of those nights where I have nothing planned for dinner and have NO motivation to be creative. But with $40 in my wallet and a jewelry party to go to on Thursday night I really didn’t want to fork over $8 for a Chipotle burrito bowl…

Seriously, I’m pretty crazy with my budget. Unnecessarily so, honestly. I can certainly afford the Chipotle burrito bowl, I could probably even buy two if I was wicked hungry. But I stick to a STRICT zero based budgeting plan on a monthly basis and I had not allocated $8 for a burrito bowl tonight.

So I found my self in the kitchen with the fridge open just waiting for something delicious to jump out at me…. crickets.

So I went to an old stand by: breakfast.

I can’t even count how many different ways there are to prepare breakfast. You can go savory with eggs, fried, scrambled, poached, an omelet. Or you can take it sweet and make some pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, a smoothie. So breakfast is clearly the easiest budget meal ever.

I used a leftover baked potato, a cup of frozen broccoli (defrosted, duh), some chopped onion and some chopped red bell pepper. And an egg of course.


I sauteed my veggies in a little olive oil for a few minutes to get them all warmed up and a little crispy. Then I cracked an egg on top and stirred it all together. 


This is what I call “The Lazy Girl’s Omelet”. Because I could have sauteed the potatoes separately, taken them out of the pan and set them aside, and proceeded to make an omelet like any normal person. But I’m not exactly normal if you couldn’t tell already. Plus I’m far too lazy for all of that. 

Locally Raised Egg: $0.33

Organic Baked Potato: $0.39

Frozen Broccoli: $0.32

Chopped Onion: $0.10

Chopper Pepper: $0.25

TOTAL: $1.39


So there you have it. Dinner from the fridge with NO plan in 10 minutes for $1.39. Take that Chipotle.



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What I Ate Wednesday: Happy Spring!

Happy Hump Day 😉

Week 2 of PiYo and I’m still loving it. I’ve doubled up on the workouts in the last two days because I feel like Define Upper and Define Lower are good compliments to each other and I really want to see results!

Here is my TUESDAY

So after my workout this morning I got ready for work and enjoyed my chocolate milk, I mean shakeology on the way to work. Seriously you guys, it tastes just like chocolate milk! I blended with half a banana, 8 oz water, a large handful of baby spinach, and 3/4 cup yogurt. shake

I was full until I ran errands at lunch around 11:30 when I had some almonds in the car.


When I got back to the office I had my chicken fajita salad and whole wheat crackers, it was incredible!! So good that I’m planning on making it next week for dinners, I’ll post the recipe next week!

Around 4:00 I had some cantaloupe.

Dinner around 7:00 was a turkey burger with cheese, homemade salsa, a baked sweet potato and sautéed spinach.

I started craving something sweet around 8:30 so I had some hot tea with honey. FYI, didn’t cure the craving but I got over it.

One thing I’m really missing is fruit!!! I used to eat heaps and heaps of fruit every day which I never thought to be unhealthy.

I do sometimes find that I’m getting light headed in the afternoons (when I used to snack on fruit) and wonder if I should be checking my blood sugar…

Over all I feel great so far and really hope this program works for me. My coach and fellow challengers really are a great support system, being part of a challenge group is KEY for me because I’ve gotten so many tips and recipes so far.

I’m starting my own FREE ten day accountability group tomorrow and have 13 friends joining me!! If you are interested in joining add me on Facebook and I’ll invite you to the group!!!

Thanks for reading!

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Meal Plan & Prep PiYo Style

Hi guys!! 

If you read my prep post or #WIAW posts last week you know I’m trying the PiYo workout plan and nutritional guide for the next 8 weeks to try and achieve some health and fitness goals I have.

I started following the eating plan last week and was totally satisfied and felt great!

I start the workouts tomorrow (wish me luck!!!!)

PS- if ANY of you are interested in joining me in this challenge please comment here, email me at fgibbons92@gmail.com, OR message me on facebook.

I woke up Saturday morning and started planning for the week ahead. I think I am going to start doing this on Thursday so I can shop on Friday after work, but I just didn’t have time this week to think about it until Saturday morning!!!

The reason I would like to shop Friday after work is because Ryan usually gets home on Thursday nights but f I do my weekly shopping on Saturday/Sunday it is pretty much empty-fridge city here over the weekend which makes us order takeout or go out to eat, which is not exactly the best idea when we are trying to save money and eat healthy. Plus, I feel bad when he opens the fridge and says “We have no milk!!!” So I am going to try a different shopping approach. PLUS, the stores are going to be much less busy on a Friday night right after work. I may even start using Peapod and picking it up on my way home so I Don’t even have to enter the store… totally worth $2.95. 

ANYWAY, onto the meal plan 🙂

meal plan

I also planned out my meals on a daily basis using this meal tracker I found on Pinterest!






That may be information overload for you guys but f you don’t take the time to plan it out you really aren’t going to be as prepared as you need to be to get the results you want!!

I did a ton of prep work this morning in order to get ready for the week. 

Prep Work 2

I washed lettuce for 6 salads, cut fruit for snacks, made salsa for salads, made chicken for salads, chopped onions & peppers for Fajitas, lettuce wraps, AND omelettes, and hard boiled some eggs. A few things that didn’t make this photo were the sweet potatoes I baked and the two dinners I made for Ryan to take to work with him. 

Phew! It took me at least two hours to get everything done but now I barely have to cook during the week and I have no excuse not to eat healthy food. 

Again, if you are ready to take control of your health LET ME KNOW! I will walk with you and help you along the way, like your own personal health coach. We could even do our meal prep TOGETHER! Leave me a note in the comments or message me directly on facebook or through email (fgibbons92@gmail.com)

Thanks for reading 🙂 Check back on Wednesday for a peek at a FULL DAY of healthy eating.

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