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The Whole Chicken

Is anyone else intimidated by cooking an entire freaking animal?? I was.  Not for ethical or moral reasons, I was just scared I would screw up such a big piece of meat! Morally, I feel completely at peace with eating … Continue reading

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Marinated Kale Pasta

For a food blogger this might be considered sacrilege, but… I’m not a huge fan of KALE. I’m just not crazy about it. I would so much rather stuff my omelette with spinach or toss some grilled veggies with romaine … Continue reading

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A $3 REAL FOOD Dinner

The only thing I love more than eating delicious, real food, is saving money by eating delicious, real food. For all the nay Sayers who say eating healthy has to cost you an arm and a leg, try this recipe … Continue reading

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The Beef with Beef: + a delicious recipe

I was having a casual conversation last week with an acquaintance who said something like “We eat really healthy, I almost never have red meat.” I just smiled and nodded because I’ve learned the best place for me to spread … Continue reading

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Lentil Tacos

Can you believe that prior to this week I was a lentil virgin? Seriously, what respectable food blogger has never tried lentils? Well, I feel like my first lentil recipe should be celebrated, kind of like a right of passage … Continue reading

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