What I Ate Wednesday: Really

Ok well not REALLY really, these are from Tuesday… but you get the picture right?

Each morning the first thing I do after I shower and get some coffee is start packing my food for the day.

Many days I eat breakfast AND lunch at my desk so I have a lot to pack up. I just don’t have time to eat breakfast at home every single day. I don’t find myself getting hungry until around 9:00 am anyway.


Here is everything I packed up on Tuesday.

When I got to work I ate my yogurt/fruit/almonds. Strawberries and blueberries were on sale this week 🙂 

I had the banana around 11:00.

Lunch was some black bean salad with a bunch of vegges and some brown rice. I felt like I needed some whole grains around lunch time so went to get some at the cafe. I’m really lucky that my cafeteria is always serving something basic like this.


Mid afternoon I grabbed a coffee and a Kind bar before heading into a two hour meeting… love those.


On my way home from work I had the apple. I met a friend to go for a long walk after work and we got caught in pretty much a down pour of rain! Once I got home and semi-dried off I had some breakfast tacos for dinner.


Sprouted corn tortillas, swiss chard, peppers, onion, eggs, salsa, and some garden cilantro 🙂

That’s my day- how was yours?!



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