Prep Sunday: Or just Sunday….

Sooooo no prep work at all this week. What?!?! Right, I seriously did nothing and here it is Sunday night at 8:00 and I have no plans to prep food. I’ll just have to cook as I go this week, oh well!

Here is the meal plan 🙂


Yeah you read that right, Moose Stroganoff!

A guy Ryan works with sent him home with some moose eye round (frozen) that he hunted. I’ve never cooked eye round before so I did some research and found that it is best cooked low and slow in meals like stroganoff. I’m sure Ryan will absolutely love this meal and I am excited to give it a try. Not exactly the picture of health (creamy sauce over egg noodles….) but I’ll make a salad to go with it.

Tuesday I am heading to a free yoga class in Elizabeth Park! It starts at 5:30 and I think I will get a drink with friends afterward. If I don’t eat out I will have some oatmeal or something easy when I get home.

Wednesday/Thursday I am planning on quiche. I think Ryan will be gone these two days although I’m not 100% sure. I’ll enjoy this for lunch and dinner, just because I freaking love it. 

Grocery shopping this week was so easy and surprisingly inexpensive. Thanks to the free meat and two nights planned out this week (Sunday and Tuesday) I spent a grand total of $48.50 for a weeks worth of meals. I did most of my shopping on Thursday night and then picked up a few things on Saturday.

DSC_0103 DSC_0109

I’ll probably hit the store again on Thursday and grab a few things for the weekend. I like the two smaller trips vs. one big trip. It makes sense for us to go twice a week because we want fresh food for the weekend when we are home but we also need fresh food for the work week. We used to just go on Sunday and then scrounge for scraps and leftovers Friday/Saturday before I went shopping again, but now that Ryan is really only home on the weekend I don’t think its fair for him if I feed him eggs or spaghetti every night!!

So that’s it for this week! Check back on Wednesday to see a full day of (mostly) real food 🙂


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