Welcome to frugalfoodiefrank.com!

Whether you are a first time reader or have been here before, take some time to look around. 

Scroll down to see my latest post. Above you will see links to my pages- you can read about me and my journey with real food, see what the term “real food” means to me, and browse through some of my favorite recipes. 

What this site is:

I started this site to hold myself accountable to some changes I wanted to make in my life. One of these changes includes cutting out highly processed foods and eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. 

Here you will find recipes and tips to living a real food lifestyle on a budget.

What this site is not:

A judgement zone. I break my own rules sometimes. I am not perfect and I expect that you aren’t either. This site is about doing what you can, when you can. Do not make perfection the enemy of progress. 

You might also notice that my recipes don’t always fit into the popular categories of

  • paleo
  • gluten free
  • vegan

While I have nothing against any of these diets- I don’t follow any one of them. I eat a varied diet including fruits, veggies, meat, grains, and the occasional Reeses Peanutbutter Cup… Like I said, I’m not perfect. 

For more updates and fun stuff check out my Facebook page, Youtube Channel, and Pinterest Board!

 Enjoy 🙂 

Heads up- my posts may contain affiliate links, thanks for your support!
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  1. Jean M says:

    Hello, I am not seeing a way to subscribe to receive your posts via email. Did I miss something?

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